Wells Fargo Tower adds new company in downtown Los Angeles – PERI Software Solutions Inc.

Los Angeles, CA – PERI Software, based in New Jersey announced today it has open new offices in the Wells Fargo Tower in the business district of downtown Los Angeles to offer its advanced global business solutions to a high demand market in Southern California.

“After servicing clients in California and on the West Coast,
we realized it was vital to bring our services closer to a
rapidly growing technology market,” explained President

and CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software.  “We have just
opened an office here, because we believe Los Angeles
leads the Pacific Rim in just about every industry and
we want to help business grow to meet the technology
needs of regional and international markets.”

A recent SoCal economic forecast finds that technology,
tourism and international trade will be the leading industries
to the economic recovery. Research reveals that the business
demand for technology products was very weak in the first
three quarters of 2009, when businesses were reducing costs
drastically in order to survive the recession. But, demand
picked up noticeably during the fourth quarter and sales
of technology products held up better on the consumer side.

“PERI delivers technology-based business solutions to help
organizations worldwide control costs and cultivate growth
by drawing on our deep industry expertise,” said Periasamy.
“We help companies facing growing pains by blending a
strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery
of creative solutions that brings the best returns on IT

PERI is a global consulting and technology services
company specializing in industry-specific solutions,
strategic outsourcing and integration services. The
company was founded in 1999, and has grown to more
than 700 employees worldwide. In addition to the new
Los Angeles office, it also has offices in San Jose,
offshore facilities in Chennai, India and the PERI
headquarters in Newark, NJ.

“Technology will be one of the strongest industries
to lead the recovery,” said Periasamy. “PERI is
confident that we can play a vital role in meeting the
technology industry business solutions needs, which is
why we have expanded in Los Angeles.”

Sales of technology products held up better on the consumer
side according to published reports. Purchases of products like
computers, flat TV, and cell phones increased last year despite
the recession and will continue to grow in 2010.

“There’s always demand for the well-designed personal
gadgets like iPods and smart cell phones with media players,
but business is in transition to smart technology products, too,
of which we produce so business can cut costs and get the job
done in less time,” said Periasamy.

“We are constantly hiring software engineers and employees
to meet growing technology demands.”

About PERI

Founded in 1999, PERI is a global business solutions company,
which has grown to more than 700 plus employees and delivers
a high value-cost effective technology based business solutions
along with software and smart-intelligent hardware products.
PERI Draws on deep industry expertise and has a portfolio of
interrelated consulting, business processes and application
development. PERI blends strategic design, proven technology,
and timely delivery of solutions that maximize customers return
on IT investment.  For more about PERI visit: www.PERIsoftware.com

[Editors: For media interviews and images contact
Aida Mayo or George Mc Quade at 818-340-5300
or 818-618-9229 or
email: Publicity@mayocommunications.com.]


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