Columbia Vice President Francisco Santos Calderon Speaks to High School ITEP Students on Career Trade Day

Vice President Francisco Santos Calderon of Colombia spoke to some 60  high school students today (2-15-09) from the ITEP Academies Global Business Academy, Carson High School, Global Safety & Security Academy and Port of Los Angeles International Trade Academy from Phineas Banning High School . The event was billed as “Introduction to Careers in International Trade programs” – Transportation to The World Trade Week Education Committee event at the LA Area Chamber of Commerce.

 His Excellency Francisco Santos Calderon of Colombia talks to ITEP students at LA Area Chamber of Commerce Trade Workshop.

His Excellency Francisco Santos Calderon of Colombia talks to ITEP students at LA Area Chamber of Commerce Trade Workshop.


 Vice President Calderon said, “Education is important, but you must have a passion for everything you do. When you’re not happy, it is time to look for another job,” Calderon told International Trade Education Program (ITEP) high school students.

Carol Rowen, chair WTW Education Committee, ITEP welcomes Colombia Vice President Francisco Santo Calderon as he arrived at the LA Chamber of Commerce Trade Week Workshop.

Carol Rowen, chair WTW EducationCommittee, ITEP welcomes ColombiaVice President Francisco SantosCalderon as he arrivedat the LA Chamber of CommerceTrade Week Workshop.

 Calderon told the students that he was a journalist before becoming vice president, and never in his wildest dreams thought about being vice president when was a reporter. 

His Excellency Calderon told ITEP students you're already ahead of the game in your career jsut by being here.

His Excellency Calderontold ITEP students you’realready ahead of thegame in your careerjust by being here.

“It is important to stay in school, get a good job and have a passion for what you are doing,” he said. His Excellency also said with the economy so challenging, students with International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) are getting the edge, and making themselves more competitive. Outside in the hallways Calderon told reporters he looked forward to working with the new President Obama administration.

James R. Callahan, president & CEO, Nautilus spoke to ITEPs high school students. Callahan has been known to follow or walk job applicants out to their car in the parking lot, and if he sees a messy car inside you like will not get hired, he said. Nautilus is a big partner of ITEP.

James R. Callahan, president& CEO, Nautilus spoke to ITEPshigh school students.Callahan has been knownto follow or walk jobapplicants out to theircar in the parking lot,and if he sees a messy carinside you like will notget hired, he said.Nautilus is a big partner of ITEP.

 President & CEO James R. Callahan, Nautilus, Wilmington offered a half dozen tips for ITEP students attending the powerhouse education workshop.

Study the company’s website

Look your interviewer straight in the eyes

Dress appropriately

Do not ask for benefits, or days off or restrictions

Listen and ask good questions

Show how you can add value to the company with our skills

Show passion for the position you are trying to obtain

Other sspeakers included Bill Collier, chair, World Trade Week General Committee, Keesal, Young & Logan, LLP; Carol Rowen, WTW Education Committee, ITEP; Ogal Hernandez, EDD (California Job Service), Helen Paul, Intenrational Visitors council, who tested the students for their knowledge about country flags. Also on hand to talk to students were Maurce Kogon, director and Jim Hoffman, project director, Center for International Trade Development, El Camino College business Training Center and Enrique Aragon, UCLA Extension, Dept. of business & Management. The last two offer internships and are partners of ITEP. The event was held at the LA Area Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles. If you want to get involved in sponships contact ITEP for their annual fundraising dinner in April. (details below)

Ninth Annual Scholarship & Fundraising Dinner Print E-mail
International Trade Education Programs
Annual Scholarship & Fundraising Dinner  
Honoring Jim Callahan, Metropolitan Stevedore
Thursday, April 23, 2009  
5:30 p.m.  
Port of Los Angeles Cruise Terminal
500 N. Front Street
San Pedro, CA   90731

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